All Things Motorcyle
You have accessed the personal website of Joe Allan, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The main purpose of this site is to promote discussion and foster a greater appreciaton of all things motorcycle. I have a special leaning towards vintage motorcycles, especially the old SOHC750 Honda, although my collection (accumulation?) favours no one make. I enjoy building motorcycles almost as much as riding them and would welcome any comments, help, hints or suggestions. Please enjoy yourself and keep the shiny side up.
#1- White Widow, I rebuilt the White Widow in 1993 out of an origional chopper I constructed in 1974. The spider theme was chosen as a result of seeing a set of spider earrings in a display case and after mounting them on the gas tank, I reworked the spider theme throughout the bike. The White Widow was featured in the June 1994 issue of Canadian Biker Magazine. -1972 Honda motor (stock), carbs and air cleaners off a British Sports car. -5 mos assembly time -Santee frame -Oil tank/air dam in front of motor -remote oil filter -steering dampers off a small planes air flaps (?) -handmade pipes and mufflers -electric fuel pump -back brake converted to hydrolic using a Yamaha master and Volvo clutch slave -lots of machine work, powder coating, and moulding
#2-Cobalt Blue I love the look of the old full fendered Indians, so I built this fat custom for a friend of mine. -Sohc750 Honda motor (stock) -Amen Savior frame -3 1/2 gal Fatbob tanks -fenders handmade from steel (no I wouldn't do it again) -16" Rims laced to Honda rear hubs front and rear, and I can rotate the wheels. -the front end was made out of 1" steel tripple trees and stock tubes with machined alum covers -assembly time 6 mos.
#3-Fat 4 In 1992 I built this bike to prove to myself that the japanese factories could use an engine design they were good at building and combine traditional styling to make a classic cruiser. -SOHC Honda motor -custom swingarm frame -3 1/2 gal fatbob tanks with small custom gauges -handmade pipes -front end made up of different pieces, machined covers etc -hand made front fender -aftermarket rear fender -cream and tan paint (my favourit colours) -lots of powder coating, wheels, motor covers etc

#4-Dirt dragger This is how I relax...DIRT DRAGS -SOHC 750 Honda motor -836cc Powroll bore kit -alum head gasket -heavy duty valve springs and aluminum retainers/keepers -Yosh cam -29mm Mikunis -electronic ign -Kawasaki KX125 frame and forks -Yamaha 100 tank, seat and fender

#5-Screaming Yellow Terror How my 8yr old relaxes....(8 yr olds don't relax, I know) -196? Yamaha Twin Jet 100cc motor with expansion chambers -1981 Suzuki RM80 frame and front end -Suzuki 125 trail bike swingarm and wheel (the fat tired hunting bike thing) -RD400 Yamaha monoshock -Had to machine up a countershaft extension with steady bearing for the chain to clear the tire. -There is a full race GYT kitted motor waiting for him to try in this bike after he gets used to the stocker.